What is a Rabbit’s favorite dance style…Hip-Hop!

What even is a dance?  Is it like the prom?  And if it is, how come there’s no food and it’s in the gym?

There hasn’t been an all school dance at MHS for about five years- rumor has it that some kids were DUI (Dancing Under the Influence), and got sick; plus all the cringey grinding, and so administration decided to crack down.  This year, however, Student Council finally prevailed and a dance was approved.  You’re going, right? What, you’re not sure?!

Here are ten reasons why you should change your mind:

10.   It builds School Spirit (of which we have none).

9.     You don’t need a date, so there’s not all that pressure (no promposal, no limo).

8.     Hang out with friends in cool lighting.

7.     Lots of great pix for IG and Snapchat.

6.     Meet new people (trust me, that’s good- you want that…said the extrovert to the introvert).

5.     According to Boomers we need more social interaction… in person…like face to face.

4.    It’s exercise, so get your lazy Cheetos covered butt off the couch.

3.    What else do you have to do?

2.    A place where no one will be “the best.”

1.     FOMO