Senior Profile: Jack Moussette


David Redding

Jack Moussette surveys the field looking for an open receiver in a Thanksgiving Day win against Foxborough

Varnikha Marthineni, Senior Editor

Jack Moussette is a cool character. While you and I are worrying about tests and projects, he is chilling, his immediate future already decided.  Moussette is the kind of person who has his head in the game- both in football and life. On Friday nights while we are frantically texting to avoid another solitary night  of Mario Kart and Oreo’s, he is on the football field winning Super Bowl titles.  Smooth.

Speaking of football, after a season ending injury in 2018, Moussette passed for 914 yards completing 67 out of 126 attempts for 11 touchdowns with only 3 interceptions on his way to Hocomock League All-Star and the Hornets first Super Bowl title in six year.  He also rushed for 64 yards on 24 attempts.  Moussette said that while playing “all I think about is the game- my mind doesn’t wander.”  He carries this focus into the huddle where he said they have a “peaceful, calm conversation,” with maybe a little hype too.  So, no wonder he has a full scholarship offer from St. Lawrence University- home of the mighty Saints (I see what you did there) a mere 366 miles from Mansfield, in case you need a weekend road trip.

Moussette is open minded kind of guy.  A quick survey of seniors confirms that he is seen as laid-back and carefree.  For instance, even though he knew the Winter Formal video campaign might be a bit cringy, he went along anyway figuring, whatever, he wanted to help out.  And, while his best friend is Danny Rapoza- they’ve known each other since kindergarten- he’s also friends with pretty much everyone, able to make himself at home regardless of friend group. Our interview with him was proof that he knows what he wants, his future is clear in his own eyes and yet also open to suggestions.   If anyone were to propose an idea, he isn’t the kind of person to say no, he listens.  Moussette credits his Mom and Dad as his biggest role models (after Drew Brees, of course). So I guess we owe them a round of applause too.

P.S. Shout out to Casey Moussette: Your brother thinks you are more athletic than him, and he wishes you the best in the rest of your high school career.