Oh my God, did you hear?

Oh my God, did you hear?

Rawindhya Hettiarachchi, 2021, Writer

Oh my God! did you hear what she did? Did you hear what he said? Did you hear…Yeah yeah, we heard.

Gossip fills the halls every minute of every day. We fill our boring lives with sauce-y tales that we don’t hesitate to pass on regardless of whether they’re true or not.  Truth?  What’s that?  Screw it, we just want to hear a good story.  Yet while we easily forget yesterday’s gossip, the person at the center of the storm is just beginning their trial.  If it’s true, he’s mortified.  If it’s not true, she’s angry and ashamed.  And before they can even begin to process their feelings, here come the Adults in the world who also want a piece of your business.

Even though we’re Better Than That, we’ve all done it.  It’s kind of like you want to feel a part of something bigger, that you are, just this once, protected from the gossip by being part of its spread.  Some kids are harsh- too bad, if you don’t want people to talk about you, then don’t do stuff that get’s talked about.  Yeah, sure, until it’s their problem.  Until it’s your problem.  Reputations in shreds, drama big enough for Broadway, Parents yelling, and you, hiding during passing periods and constantly refreshing IG, hoping it’s all been a dream.

There’s never really just one story.  Maybe she did, maybe he didn’t. I’m not sure it even matters because in the end, what people do is not really up for public amusement.  Our words can be weapons, and just the same way we don’t trip someone we hate in the hallway, or steal a phone just because it’s there, we should take a break from all the hurtful chit chat before someone really gets hurt.