Senior Profile: Orion Hallowell

Orion Hallowell wants to make Mansfield great

Varnikha Marthineni, Writer

Senior Class President Orion Hallowell actually wants to do things.  He wants you to be able to drink coffee, and wear hats and to have a dance where you can buy a ticket at the door.  He thinks your parents should be able to excuse you from school.  And with his lanky frame and good-natured smile, Hallowell is easily picked out in the crowded hallways -even more so when he wears his red MAGA hat or is dressed up for a spirit day.

Although some students run for class office to pad their college resume, Hallowell is truly interested in politics and hopes to attend UMass Amherst next year as a Political Science and Spanish major.  He first became interested in politics during the 2016 election explaining that his attention was drawn to how well then candidate Donald Trump could “fire up a crowd.”  MAGA hat aside, Hallowell was originally a Bernie Sanders supporter, but when he failed to gain the Democratic nomination, he switched his allegiance to Trump.  For 2020 he favors Joe Biden, having decided that Sanders wants to spend too much money, and that President Trump is “not very nice.”

Hallowell said students should get involved even if they don’t want to run for office, and to feel that they can approach Mrs. Watkins and the assistant principals with their ideas or complaints.  “It’s not like I have a direct say in things, he pointed out, just that “I have an avenue to bring things to the administration’s notice.”  He said kids should know that if it weren’t for Mr. T going to bat for the seniors during construction of the back wall they would not have parking privileges this year, and that Senior Aidan Archambault is trying to get privileges for seniors to wear hats in school.

Students used a number of words to describe Hallowell- funny, opinionated, nice, tall and even “a boss,” and they know they’re lucky he cares so much about the school, and their senior experience.  In return, Hallowell gave credit to his fellow class officers, and peers on student council for their work, calling senior class treasurer Matt Connolly “a fund raising machine,” but remains concerned that costs to senior events, such as prom, are too expensive for many students.

After graduation, he wants to work for State Congressman Jay Barrows on his 2020 campaign, and after college he wants to work for other political campaigns in polling or marketing, or maybe even creating policy ideas for a think tank.  For now though, he is focused on bringing as much student desired change, and fun, to MHS that he can facilitate. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll say we knew him back in the day.