Should students be allowed coffee in school

Rawindhya Hettiarachchi 2021, Writer

A petition proposed by Senior Class President Orion Hallowell that would change the student handbook to allow students to have coffee has over 300 signatures.

Before Thanksgiving multiple students were gathering signatures during lunch periods as part of the effort.  The student handbook currently states that students are “not permitted to bring open beverages into school…including any type of ‘take-out’ beverage,” a rule that some say is selectively enforced. 

Senior Sarah Keohane supported the petition, saying simply “I need coffee to function.”  Senior Jack Gormley agreed, adding that “teachers want us to pay attention, so it benefits everyone.”  Senior William Stratton said he could see why the school might not want kids to have coffee because of spills, but added,” I don’t think that’s of enough importance for the school to intervene.”

At the time of this publication students are still gathering signatures, and hope to have over 500 before asking Mrs. Watkins to consider it.