“Paw Patrol” Comes Under Fire After Latest Episode Depicts Main Character Deleting Hours of Body Cam Footage

Emmett Huiskamp, Editor of Satire and Humor


Watchdog parent groups are up in arms over yesterday’s episode of Nick Jr.’s Paw Patrol. The episode in question, Blue Labs Matter, showed the main character, a dog named “Chase”, in the backroom of a police department deleting entire hours of crucial body-cam footage that could have incriminated his furry friends.


“It wasn’t even a good episode,” says Amy Salade, president of Common Sense Media. “It was just 22 straight minutes of Chase alone in some dingy room, staring at a computer and deleting footage. No other characters, no dialogue, just Chase obstructing justice with literally no consequences. I was waiting for a moral about friendship or something, but it just never came.”


The showrunner, Scott Kraft, sent off a series of tweets to defend his work under the handle @SrgtBarks:


“We wanted to show another side of police work to our audience. It was getting so boring writing episodes about one dog helping another dog learn how to share.”


The episode has sparked a conversation over the role children’s media should play in America. Should children be subjected to the dark, systemic injustices of our society, or should they just learn to tune it out like the rest of us?