FDA bans e-cigarette flavor “Axe Body Spray”

Emmett Huiskamp, Editor of Satire and Humor

The fight between electronic cigarette companies and governmental agencies has heightened over the past few weeks in Massachusetts with e-cigarette companies facing a state-wide ban on all electronic cigarettes products, in addition to proposed universal prohibitions on certain flavors deemed targeted towards minors. The most recent flavor to join this list is Juul’s “Axe Body Spray” flavor.


“It is clear to us that the new flavor is specifically designed to be appealing to teens,” said  FDA Commissioner Norman Sharpless. “I miss the days when these e-cigarette companies were at least trying to be subtle with their marketing to children. I mean: mango, mint; now that’s what I call plausible deniability! They’re not even trying to hide it; think about it, I bet you can’t name one person who uses Axe Body Spray besides your fourteen-year-old nephew. It’s a travesty!”


Not everyone approves of the FDA’s ban however, with many of its most vocal critics claiming that the FDA  is overstepping its boundaries. Kevin Burns, CEO of Juul, had this to say about the recent ban:


“It is totally and completely uncool of the FDA to ban our flavors from the market. I mean you gotta think about the economic impact of this ban. Electronic cigarette sales to kids make up a significant portion of many state’s tax revenues, and I thought money was supposed to make politicians do your bidding. What gives, FDA?”


Despite setbacks from this ban, Juul is confident that they will soon release their much-awaited “GoGurt” and “Crustless PB&J” flavors on time.