MHS joins the world in heading back to school


Photo Courtesy: The Lion’s Tale

Sahil Koul, 2022, Writer

There was this familiar feeling that washed over me last Wednesday- the first day of school. Although it’s the middle of spring, somehow April 28th felt like the Monday after labor day.  The yearly traditions of walking into a crowded cafeteria, getting new assigned seats, and especially seeing people you haven’t seen in ages all brought back first-day memories. It was refreshing to feel these forgotten emotions in a year that has been muddled with tragedy and discomfort. I felt a return to normalcy slowly making its way into the high school hallways. Mansfield High School is back.

Although I am glad to be back, as with everything opinions are split between people who are happy to come back and and those who aren’t.  And there are many factors that play into these feelings. For me, there was a burning desire to see all my friends again in a school setting. And after going in for a while now, this wish has been fulfilled. And it’s not only chatting with friends but also seeing kids I haven’t seen for a year. Yet there are those folks who have despised coming back to the old format. Some are annoyed that it is close to the end of the year; why go back for such a short while?  Others have safety concerns, for COVID-19 is still a major threat. And others simply just want to stay home…in bed…

In terms of adhering to COVID protocols, MHS students and staff have handled it extremely well. The only time there is a lot of crowding is during passing time and that is understandable. Masks are being worn and classroom distancing is being followed. No complaints on that end. Fingers crossed the rest of our school goes smoothly and we can have a great summer as well.

As a junior and soon-to-be senior at MHS, I am valuing all the time I get to be in school. These are the last years of high school and we must cherish them. So far, full in-person learning has been going great and I hope we can continue this way in  the months to come.