Mansfield MA: COVID-19 Update


The Coronavirus pandemic, now one year old, continues to plague the world, affecting millions of lives across the globe. For students in Mansfield, there seems to be a general lack of clarity regarding the presence of the virus in our community so The Voice presents the most current information available.

As of March 24 Mansfield is in the moderate risk category (YELLOW) with 64 current positive cases in isolation. Since the beginning of the pandemic 1600 residents have tested positive in Mansfield of whom 1513 have recovered and 23 have died.

Vaccination centers have opened up and there is hope that life can return to normal by the summer or early fall. Yet the presence of variants should keep us cautious and students should still take the necessary precautions. Mask wearing and social distancing must continue until the CDC can assure us that the danger is passed.